Outsourcing is the process of hiring any other company to handle some of the business activities for the organisation. These are the third party who is responsible for providing the specialized services of the business process. It can be performed by the company either on site or offsite of the business. Some of the task which are performed internally are called as in- house outsourcing and if the task is entirely outside the company then it is external outsourcing. It allows the company to focus on their core competencies and prominent work areas and saving the cost.


Nowadays many company are outsourcing some of their HR tasks like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Employees hiring
  • Employees training
  • Payroll services
  • Data entry services
  • Finance and accounting services
  • Creative designing
  • Research and analysis

Outsourcing is done in order to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve business and customer focus
  • Skilled expertise
  • Meet out greater competitive advantage
  • Quick response
  • Reducing turnaround time
  • Improve service level
  • Sharing of risk
  • Helps to simplify project management

Human resource outsourcing has become common practice in present time. Under hr outsourcing there is a contract agreement between the employer and the third party where some of the hr department related responsibilities are been assigned to them. It helps to reduce the work load and hr can focus on more important issues of the organisation and meet out the objectives. Human resource outsourcing is majorly done for- payroll processing, recruitment, training, employee counselling, performance management, creating and updating employee handbooks and policy manuals. For fulfilling all these functions a company with good track record, who are flexible and provide guaranteed services is taken into consideration. The standard of performance is been defined by the main company to the outsourced company.

Outsourcing is done because:

  • It reduces the cost effectively.
  • Efficiency of the company HR increases.
  • Improved information system
  • Flexibility and risk is reduced
  • Overcoming the turnover problem
  • HR can operate more strategically
  • Quick response
  • Reduced cost of hiring and training

Some of the best HR outsourcing companies are:

  1. Accenture HR Services
  2. ACS Global HR Services
  3. Adecco
  4. Xeam Ventures Pvt Ltd.
  5. CGI Group
  6. PeopleWiz Consulting
  7. Hewitt Associates
  8. HR Footprints
  9. IBM Global Business Services
  10. Excellerate HRO

HR outsourcing companies work with an assorted client base to deliver expertise in their domain. These companies provide customized hr services depending upon the clients requirement. They majorly address to the exact need to offer the greater understanding. It has become a smart option to offer quality services to the organisation along their profit margins. Outsourced company acts as the business partner for the parent company. These companies give experts and professionals who work under the regulations of the main company to give excellence in delivery. They have a dedicated team equipped to provide end to end hr services.