Human Resource Management (HRM) is concerned with planning, implementing, recruitment, selection, evaluation, training and development in an organisation. These are the pillars for any organisation. The aim is to create employees satisfaction in order to get maximum productivity with the proper compliance of rules and regulations. It helps to enforce the new policies, rules in an effective manner and maintains balance between the employer and the employees. It is the professional discipline which helps to understand the role of productivity along employee satisfaction and emphasizes upon personal development of employees and keeping them motivated. HRM is one of the most important instrument used by the organisations to foster the employees development and attain it company’s goal. This department is responsible for evaluating the internal and external factors, analysing the employee’s strengths- weaknesses, his shortcomings, performance reviews, assessing the need of training and development. This is an independent department which is engaged in planning and executing various human resource related activities.

Some of the major function includes- Recruitment and selection, orientation programs, training and development, employee relation, compensation planning, labor law adherence.

About Training and Development

One of the key role of HRM is Training and Development. Training and development is the most important key which emphasize upon improvement of performance of the working staff. It is an educational process which helps to sharpen the skills, concepts, develops aptitude, knowledge development and improving the performance of the employees which in turn helps to improve companies output. Organising the training programs time to time helps to learn new information, technology, update the existing skills. Continuous training programs help to improve employees working and upgrade them to face the competition and pickup new skills. Trained employees are highly efficient as compared to untrained. It is very important for the companies to keep revising their goals with the changing challenges. Then the management is required to organise the training programs to train employees for new job responsibility, learn new and updated methodology. Time to time training programs helps to remove certain bottle- necks, keep employees motivated and helping them to remember their aim along with the company’s goal. It creates an effective managerial and leadership skill in the employees. It also helps in long term growth and survival of the employees and company.

There are different types of training like new employee orientation training, technical or technology training, product and service training, quality training, soft skills training, legal training, managerial training, safety training.

Steps for Training and Development process:

  1. Understanding the need of training and development of the team.
  2. Determining the objectives and goals of the training program.
  3. Selecting the appropriate training methodology.
  4. Conduct the program.
  5. Evaluate the performance post training program.


About Training and Development agencies

The aim of these agencies is “Transformation of skills and knowledge to shape the vision”

India plays a huge role in global economy with the quality of their work sincerity and steady rise. Therefore opportunities have increased tremendously for job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs. Due to ever changing and dynamic environment it has become quite essential to streamline the skilled potential and convert them to the talented workforce for the organisation. The challenge which the professionals or job seekers face at times is to road to employment. Training pedagogy helps in adoption of corporate culture.  A Training and Development agency plays a very vital role as it bridges the gap between educated person and the companies requirements, it helps to analyse ones area of interest and knowledge , it prepares the person in a broaden manner for understanding, developing analytical and comprehension skills. Training agencies have the right experts suited to the different areas to cater different industries. They handle the entire learning cycle of the employee starting from analysing the needs, preparing the schedule, selection of training content, looking for the best suitable training method, conducting the sessions, evaluating and measuring the outcome. They prepare the person to perform their roles and validate the skills properly. Programs are designed in a way that it develops and work upon all the concerned areas.

There are the agencies which deal with trainings like:

  • Leadership skills training
  • Behavioural skills training
  • Communication skills training
  • Sales skills training
  • Human resources training
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Customer service training
  • Stress management training
  • Technology training
  • IT training
  • Time management training
  • Business etiquette training

  Some of the best training companies are:

  1. Centum learning- for employees in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Banglore.
  2. Step Consulting- New Delhi
  3. Mavraac- New Delhi and NCR
  4. Dale Carnegie-Mumbai, New Delhi, Banglore, Pune
  5. KPM- Banglore
  6. Bodhih- Banglore
  7. Smart Brains- New Delhi
  8. Change Catalysts- Pune
  9. MPACT
  10. Princeton Academy- Mumbai

They help to improve business productivity and enhance youth employability. These agencies keep updating themselves according to the market trends, research well to look for new training methods. These companies facilitates the individuals by enriching them with various skills which contributes towards there comprehensive development and growth. They keep an constant eye on the organisational goals. Training companies are widely acknowledged for their quality and standards. They focus on getting the results by focused learning. These companies are the initiatives for the wide spectrum of skills and knowledge. It becomes adventurous to design the training module as per the business objectives. They positively affect the person by inspiring them in all the aspects by conducting seminars to meet out the professional levels. The aim is to set up and upgrade the skills for bringing the excellence. Training programs are customised such a way that it provides solutions and facilitates the person. They turn the things to reality through experimental solutions. These companies are committed to develop people capabilities and enable them to meet their objectives. They invest their time to develop 360 degree training programs to build up the competencies, excel and gain a competitive edge. This helps to build up a team of dynamic players and a stress free staff who work in harmony with each other with a positive approach and a common goal.