Software consulting is something that became mainstream in the late 80s to the early 2000s where a lot of big and small companies sprung up. The reason for this growth was the widespread adoption of computers. When the size of the computers decreased and as the common man had access to computers at their homes, and later in the years in their hands, a completely new market opened up driven by the internet and the ever growing app ecosystems. The increase in demand for software products had to be serviced by a growing supply of apps and softwares. Software consulting industry comprising of freelancers, small and big companies and automated tools is going to become more than 400 billion by 2025. This article throws light on some of top technology platforms and frameworks to look out for in the next two years.

React Native

React Native is a javascript framework introduced by Facebook in 2015 which used the components of its own react frontend javascript framework and applied that to native android. The whole purpose was to improve the mobile experience for its users. React Native does not rely on html, but it runs on top of javascript and also on Native SDK’s. React native enables a developer to launch a mobile application faster to both android and ios platforms.


A native software development kit(SDK) was developed by Google which was used to develop mobile applications to both the platforms, android and ios. Flutter supports low level rendering using Google’s skia graphics library and is written on top of C++. Flutter is gaining mainstream attention for its faster development time as user interfaces can be created by combining widgets.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain is said to be the next big thing. The ecosystem is still in the nascent stage and we are yet to see any market successes. A lot of blockchain projects and products are being made in the market which will open up opportunities for consultants and freelancers alike. Decentralised apps or d-apps as they are being called presently runs on top of platforms like ethereum, hyperledger etc which mainly helps create a blockchain ecosystem along with cryptocurrencies with a utility.