Strategic staffing refers to a strategy of hiring smaller core numbers of permanent employees and using temporary employees for other, more specialized position. Lack of staff in certain job categories can lead to a decreased performance on the company level so in order to avoid these kinds of situations HR directors and managers need to plan ahead to meet future staffing need. It is a process which defines and addresses the staffing implications of strategic and operational plans. We help you to improve staff utilization, address critical HR concerns in a systematized and integrated way.

Two of the most important benefits that come from this staffing plan are the reduction of hiring costs and limiting liability associated with making new hires. The costs of hiring can be very high, especially if your company continues to make the wrong hires by choosing people who are not right for the jobs available. Companies can limit these costs when using a strategic staffing plan.

Companies can fall into liability issues when hiring new employees, especially if they do not let employees know what their length of employment will be, whether or not they will be provided with benefits or health coverage and much more.


We bring to life, high-performance Mobile Apps which are functionally excellent and carry immersive user experience. Mobile app development services have seen an upward spurt as mobile devices and smartphones have become increasingly popular and important. We have been delighting clients by providing custom mobile app development services that excel at features and design alike.

We have a 6 stage process that we follow for the application development which are.

  1. Requirement gathering and analysis.
  2. Design.
  3. Implementation or coding.
  4. Testing.
  5. Deployment.
  6. Maintenance.


Our service industry services concentrate on our clients’ most important problems and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, finance, mergers & acquisitions and property across
all industries and geographies.
We bring deep, user experience, however area unit familiar for our holistic perspective: we tend to capture price across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.
We have tested a multiplier factor impact from optimizing the add of the components, not simply the individual items.

We as a team give importance to things like

  • Good communication skills  – This is the most important characteristic because communication is the core factor in finding out and sharing of issues between the consulting firm and an individual client.
  • Expert knowledge  – We have experts who are best in their business.
  • Reputation
  • Self-confidence
  • Having attention to details


We collaborate to help you in clearly shaping a comprehensive spectrum of quantitative business results like increased sales, improved client satisfaction, higher market share, and improved productivity and lot more. Our BPO outsourcing solutions coupled with deep industry insights, operational excellence, and holistic approach to client engagement and comprehensive service offerings enables us to deliver services beyond expectations.


Having the most effective talent may be a competitive advantage in today’s difficult and sophisticated world.
Because the success of the business depends upon talent, a feat the foremost qualified individuals is more and more competitive.
Customizable, scalable and flexible RPO solutions that optimize candidate quality and improve business performance with significantly lower costs. We function as an extension of your HR organization to handle the recruitment needs of your business.


Missing that one QA with specific experience in a particular type of testing or technology? Eliminate the time spend of scouting and recruitment and hire  a fully dedicated team of QA engineers and software testers complete with a project manager that will coordinate their work. Simply introduce us to your project and We will take it from there.


In the Software development field, change happens at a lightning-fast pace. New products, tools, and apps released into the world each day—and dozens of languages and frameworks to master. SIRI 1 Technologies Training Hub gives you a platform to do just that with our high-quality Mobile and Software Development courses. To name a few,

  1. Data science with Python & R
  2. Blockchain
  3. AI/ML
  4. Full Stack
  5. Corporate Training
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Web Developing