There is no organisation without humans, they are one of the most important integral part and assets of any organisation. Human are too complex to be handled than machines. In order to ensure that the staff is satisfied and is not struggling the Human Resource Department is created in every organisation that works for the employees and make sure that they are able to bring out the best from the employees and the company is serving them the best. The job of HR is very dynamic, challenging and exciting. Human resource perform a variety of roles in an organisation starting from staffing of employees, retention of employees, looking after employee benefits, conduct orientation and induction, imparting proper training, motivating them time to time, performance appraisals, looking after the employees welfare.

The role and importance of hr manager is constantly evolving as he adds value to the fast growing organisation. Good human resource team is very necessary in an organisation as they help to hold the reputation of the organisation by minimising the risk factors, reducing the organisational cost and achieving the best out of their employees. They are the key element for the success or failure of the objectives of an organisation. Human Resource team play a vital role in achieving the organisational goals by proper planning and management, they are focused on the strategic goals of the company. They acquire the services from employees, develop the skills and keep them motivated to make sure that they are fulfilling their commitment towards the organisation. They identify the methods to maximize the value of the organisation’s employees and ensure that they are been utilized efficiently. HR team helps to perform the task strategically and ensure that the work is been performed perfectly. Although there are several roles of HR Manager and team but major role constitute: recruitment and selection, orientation, compensation and benefits, managing employee relations, training and development, performance appraisal, resolving conflicts, handling legal concerns. HR team in an organisation is well versed with solid communication skills, decision making and critical thinking process.

HR team keeps people motivated, happy, engaged to contributing to the company’s success along with the development companies and employees development serving them. They ensure employees engagement at all the levels of the organisation. They create a positive environment at the work place to foster for higher performance level. If there is no HR team then the concerns within the organisation grow which at the end affect their productivity because in absence of good employees even the finest business ideas and plans fail. They are here to focus on the companies one of the most important resource i.e an employee, they have to treat employees fairly and honestly. This team is expected to be focused to look after that the day to day operations of the company are been performed smoothly and completed successfully. The team has to be confident to face the daily challenges and performance driven. HR team is expected to have strong communication, time management, self discipline, trust worthy and a good mentor.

“A strong HR team is very crucial to improve the company culture”