The current trends in the IT industry keep changing from day to day. With every new technology coming up, there’s always a better one that keeps competing with it. In this fast-paced environment, it’s not easy for an individual to constantly update himself with the latest trends and this is how the concept of Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) has come up. These MOOCs helps an individual to grow professionally as well as personally in his overall performance in the job, especially in the IT industry. So here are few some of the trending IT courses for an individual or a fresher who is aspiring to get into the software and the IT industry. 

1.Data Science:


Although researchers have found many techniques to manipulate the data, the process of storing and managing it is still a tedious task for huge multinational companies. Data Science has always been the talk of the town and once you master in this subject, there are high chances for you to get selected. 

Prerequisites:  Programming Language (preferably Python or R), basic mathematics on data interpretation, statistics, and probability.

Job roles offered: Data Scientist, Analytics Professional, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence professional.

2. Web Development:


Ever since the era of the Internet started, web development has never backed off from the trending technologies and with the increase in the number of businesses across the world, there has been rapid growth in Web development as well. Getting to know about new technologies in this field will always fetch the better-paying jobs to a professional.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of a programming language.

Job roles offered: Web Developer, UI/UX Designer, Site Testing.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are now growing fields in the IT industry. The entire world runs on the business models based on this field. A wide range of courses is available on MOOCs which can be availed free of cost for certification.

Although taking these courses will increase the horizon of knowledge, a certificate will be provided only with a minimal payment fee.

Prerequisites: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Statistics, Programming Language

Job roles offered: Machine Learning Engineer, Decision Scientist, Data Engineer 

4. Database and System Administration:


This course is a perfect blend for those who love Information Technology and also have good communication skills along with problem-solving skills. It mainly deals with the transactions and total data of the firm to manage various fields like finance, customer service, sales, etc. 

Prerequisites: Understanding of basic computer fundamentals, Programming Language

Job roles offered: Database Administrator, System Engineer

5. Mobile Application Development:


An android application is a must for startups where there are more customer interaction and user requirement. Often these people are closely associated with the e-commerce industry who work with Play Store and AppStore. With the increase in the number of smartphone users, businesses started to prefer an individual app for their firm rather than a mobile-friendly website.

Prerequisites: JavaScript, XML

Job roles offered: App Developer, Application Tester

6. Cloud Services:


Cloud Services are now the most trending and the most popular services used worldwide. The unique feature of accessing the data anywhere from the world is what makes it very reliable and ubiquitous. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform are some of the most prominent services for the users.

Prerequisites: Basic computer fundamentals, Programming language

Job roles offered: Cloud Support and Maintenance team, Program Managers, Software Development Engineers

7.  Digital Marketing and SEO:

dm and seo

Digital Marketing includes all the essential concepts like SEO, Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, etc. Different platforms like Youtube, AdSense, Google Analytics must be mastered to get a good payroll. This is one of the most sought jobs in the Marketing industry and one who expertise in this field will find a way into the IT industry.

Prerequisites: Basic computer fundamentals, good communication skills

Job roles offered: Digital Marketing Manager, Customer Relations

8. DevOps:


Development operations are the fundamentals of every computer science engineer. The development of business information systems is processed using DevOps. From gathering the data to marketing the product, everywhere the process of development is used. 

Prerequisites: Java cmd, Microsoft Technologies, Linux OS

Job roles offered: IT professional, Deployment Engineer, Dev Managers, Software Architects

9. Cyber Security:


These are a chain of multi-connected tools which are used to protect the system from all possible attacks. As technology grows, so do the cyber crimes. Henceforth, one can pursue the courses in this field to safeguard the devices and other important applications that cannot be disclosed beyond the company’s scope. 

Prerequisites: Knowledge of Computer Networks and Systems, Basics of programming language

Job role offered: Ethical Hacker, Cyber Analyst, System Specialist

10. Internet of Things (IoT):


The internet has now become a global space for people to connect and communicate. Similarly, they have also included bots and other devices to make the world smarter. They can be sought as the most important tools and technology for the next generation.

Prerequisites: Basic computer fundamentals, programming language

Job role offered: IOT Scientist, System Engineer

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