The human resource department is one of the most complex business operations. Human resource department works for employee’s expectations and growth. Hr leaders are the beginning to transform how they deliver services to their employees. Today’s HR are looking to technology to transform how they engage their employees. These sort of platform are focused to rebuilt to meet the needs of human resources and the employees. Nowadays IT companies have developed customer centric software to fit them to HR functions. HR organisations are looking to technology to transform how they engage with employees.

Human resource industry is undergoing major innovative changes. The way of working and the technical process has collaborated to shape the human resources of an organisation. This is done for an insight about the staff and to preserve best people in the job. To run a great company and fit in that culture, finding the perfect people for the right technology is very important for the involvement of skilled workforce.

HR needs the technology and digital applications that connect the people each other. HR use intelligent tools and emerging technologies in the organisation. By using the technology HR team can spend their energies in carrying out strategic tasks and automate the functions. This has strengthened the employer branding over various professional networks.

Some Recent HR Trends :

  1. Chat bots- HR chat bots helps to make HR more efficient and functional. This is the way which has revolutionised the business interaction with employees and customers. They cater to the various functions like- sales, marketing and customer services.
  2. Machine learning- this tool helps in hiring the person. Due to this HR department is able to predict attrition and candidate success. Before this technology hr used to save the data manually but not now.
  3. Artificial intelligence- A.I is providing the new data driven tool. It allows HR department to track and deliver a better employee experience. A.I delivers value to the organisation. It provides real- time feedback and guidance.
  4. Intelligent learning platforms- it is data driven tool, it simplifies expense recording, time tracking etc. This integrates documentation, employee’s communications.
  5. Outsourced and smarter recruitment- this tool helps to find the right capabilities and skills person with sound technical knowledge too. It is automated form of sourcing and assessments.
  6. Intelligent apps and analytics- this app attracts the talented workforce, performance driven people, it keeps an eye on worker performance, assessment etc. This enhances for better decision making.

These intelligent tools and the emerging technologies are conversational and cognitive and plays an important role for conceiving the HR platform and business better.

In the present economic scenario there has been rise in the workforce, leaders have actively participated in building the culture of transparency, collaboration, consistency and genuineness at the workplace. Soft power needs to be the main agenda of the company. HR has become a bunch of activities that is engaged to leverage the human capability. HR is expected to be fair, identify and recognize the talent of the team members and build up relationship. HR is now redefined that enable managers to fulfil the commitments.

“Understand what factors drives people; so you can unlock the company’s potential”