To have a great resume really means a lot to an job aspirants as the resume of a person reflects the persons abilities, qualities and work experiences and most importantly it will help to the  authorities to check the caliber of the person. In a day there are numerous applications who apply for various jobs, internship and many more, so the authorities who are there to scrutinize the applications are unable to know the applicants in-person about their qualifications and background. So, here the resume plays a important role by guiding the authorities about the specific qualities and abilities of the person needed for the job. There is also the personal interviews which helps to find the appropriate person for the job. Thus there is a need to make the resume up to the mark and the best.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a document where the person presents the background, qualifications, skills and accomplishments in the resume. In very professional the person need to have a good resume in order to secure a job. A resume can be written for either interviews for jobs and internships etc. The basic things which are included in resume are the skills, previous job experiences, qualifications. It is the summary of the qualities a person has. A resume is accompanied with a cover letter. A cover letter includes the relevant details such name of organization, duration of the work, introduction of yourself and showing the willingness to work with the respective companies or organization.

A resume or we can call it as CV that is ‘Curriculum vitae’. It is the Latin word which is known as course of life, basically it means the overview of the person’s life and the complete record of the person’s career and education. Resume is the first experience of the person.

Why Resume is needed ?

Resume is very important part for getting a job, this is needed by very individual. The following are the points explaining the need of the resume.

  • Client loyalty – It is very important to ensure the loyalty of the person towards the work and towards the company and the clients.
  • To confirm self worth – It is very necessary for a person to know his or her self worth. That how much he is capable of doing and what need to improve.
  • A chance to improve – If something is lacking in the person then they have chance to improve it and eliminate the drawbacks in themselves.
  • Job security – With the help of good resume the person may get secured for the job as the company wants the appropriate person.


Qualities that must be added to the resume

A resume must be made with great efforts and must include the best qualities of the person. The main qualities that resume must have are explained as follows:

  • Always include the best work experiences in the resume.
  • Must include all the relevant information’s which is required by the job in which the particular person applied for.
  • The structure of the resume must be in a systematic format and with proper headings.
  • The resume must be short and precise and also must have relevant information’s.
  • Use of context, action and results. Keeping the context short and relevant, the results were the accomplishments and the action is what you do .
  • Always attest documents and certificates approving the accomplishments. The certificates must be attested with the resume.
  • The irrelevant information must be excluded from entering in the resume.
  • Always submit the resume in PDF format..
  • Always check for spell check and grammatical errors.
  • Always include the cover letter with the resume.
  • The resume must be addressed to the current authorities and not to the CEO”s
  • The person must know everything about what they have written in their CV or resume.

Mistakes will writing a resume

There are some mistakes and myths about writing a resume. The following points explaining some mistakes which we need to eliminate while writing a resume.

  • It is a myth to complete the resume in one page. It is not at all compulsory to cover all the details in one page. If the details of the person take two pages then they must complete it in two pages.
  • The resume is not a place to showcase the writing skills of the person. There is no need to write the length paragraphs describing the job duties and qualities. The resume must be precise and to the point. It is suggested to write the resume in brief points and bullets.
  • Never put the oldest job experience on the top unless until it is important work experience or related to the current job keep the recent or the current job experience on the top.
  • Change the cover letter each time while applying in different companies and organizations.
  • The resume must be updated constantly as and when achieve any new accomplishments.
  • There must not be any grammatical errors in the resume. It is will put the bad impression on the authorities.
  • Do not write any vague and general information in the resume.
  • Do not mention the social sites link in the resume for reference.
  • No unnecessary gapping must be there in the resume
  • Always mention the contact details such as email, number, contact number etc.
  • Focusing on duties rather than performance.


The resume must very precise and accurate so that it must keep a good impression on the authorities of the company and organizations. It is the most important financial documents for the aspirations. The resume must elaborate the job experiences, qualities of the person and abilities to get the desired jobs they want. resume focus on how employers think about, prioritize, and describe that job’s deliverables. The resume must have all the qualities as defined in th above points. A resume focused on a specific target job, with the customer’s needs in mind and built on these secrets, will get you more job interviews.