A resume is getting to know the face of a person before interviewing him personally. Despite highlighting their strengths, people usually tend to put in excessive phrases just to make a good impact on the recruiter. Conversely, this often leads to disappointment and doesn’t match up to his expectations. In addition to this, the recruiter gets upset about the role which might lose an opportunity for strong candidates ahead. Therefore, a person needs to highlight his strengths and key potentials with the right phrases on the resume. Here are some words which can be replaced in your resume to make it more appealing to the HR and thus enhance your chances of getting selected for the job role.

1. Proficient in Word, Excel

In this current generation, one is expected to have a good grip over MS Office. However, most of them rewrite this as proficient in MS Excel, MS Word, which is quite off-putting to the recruiters. These must be taken care of while writing the resume. 

 Tip to consider: Use MS-Office instead of mentioning specific skills

2. Have leadership skills

Often, people use this phrase, “good leadership skills” in their resume without presenting the experience or the times where they have exhibited these skills. 

Tip to consider: Try to give a brief description of the scenarios where you have exhibited these skills. Use “trained”, “mentored”, “influenced” in your sentences.

3. Outside the box thinker

When you’re outside the box thinker, you are most likely asked to solve a question and give a clear understanding of the solution. So try to use this phrase only when you are well prepared to answer logical questions and can demonstrate the times when you’ve used these skills. 

Tip to consider: If you’re not confident enough, do not use these catchy phrases. 

4. Good team player

This is similar to the above key phrases. If you’re a good team player, you have to always justify your points where you’ve worked well in a team

Tip to consider: Always justify your statements clearly with proper examples. Use “managed”, “negotiated” in your sentences.

5. Highly motivated

This is probably the question where most of the interviewees get trapped. When you say yourself as highly motivated, you must always be precise enough to showcase those skills as well. If not, you can use other action verbs to describe yourself in a better way.

Tip to consider: Use “achieved”, “improved” in your sentences.


6. Outdated email

Never use outdated email service. Create a new existing mail account to have proper communication with peers.

Tip to consider: Have a professional email-id if possible, the one with the existing workplace.

7. Good problem-solving ability

When you’re mentioning about the problem-solving skills, always make it a point that the solutions you’ve presented have impacted the firm and are beneficial.

Tip to consider: Give a short description of the scenario where you have solved these problems.

8. Too much jargon

Never try to put in too much technical stuff just to make the resume more attractive. If you’re not proficient enough at a specific subject, try avoiding it in the resume.

Tip to consider: Use simple and easy-going language in your resume.

 9. Organized person

While talking about the organized work, always specify how have you categorized into smaller tasks and finished the work within the specified deadline.

Tip to consider: Always mention the instances and real-life examples where you have finished off the tasks

10. Creative font styles and buzzwords:

Never make the resume look gaudier with unnecessary bright colors. This might create a negative opinion about you to the recruiter.

Tip to consider: Keep in simple with soft colors and formal font.